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New York City
Through a New Lens

Seeing Things Differently

Hello! My name is Menna Freeman. I'm a college student with an interest in photography. Right now, I'm in a gap year program called CityGap. CityGAP is an experiential gap year program in which college-age participants engage with the city as classroom, laboratory, studio and community. We explore the built and natural environment to wrestle with and address urgent challenges facing NYC at this critical moment. Our participants work on both group and individual projects, producing a portfolio of original work in a variety of media, designed to contribute to making NYC a more just, equitable and resilient city.


For my project, I chose to examine how the perspectives and appearances of some of our favorite places in the city have changed over time, and how people experience those spaces. I did this by going to seven different sites in the city, and interviewing, observing, and photographing people there.


"No one moment is most important. Any moment can be something."

Garry Winogrand

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